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Bloop’s team of experienced, data-driven product designers are experts at crafting delightful and seamless experiences. Whether creating new features for consumer brands or helping a startup successfully launch its MVP, we apply a customer-driven design thinking process to all of our product development work.

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Our goal is to deliver a powerful, simplified and more agile product development process. Whether it be rapid prototyping, supply chain, or sourcing/design, our mission is to help you succeed.

Our team of software engineers, designers, 3D modellers, and business experts offers turnkey services including UX design, APIs, simulated product demo videos and the full range of product development – from conception to production.

Managed Product Development

In the managed product development model, the customer provides the vision for the product. The partner is responsible for developing the product, at a fixed price per user, and delivering it to the customer. This type of outsourcing relationship may be appropriate if the enterprise company has a product idea but lacks either the technology needed or the IT capability for full-cycle product development.

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